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Project Use Cases

Examples of projects I've managed that created significant value for Mailchimp

Product Increment Planning
SAFe style

Director of Project Mgmt - Mailchimp


Teams were working independently with no framework for visibility to leadership. Change requests from leadership were frequent, altered scope and created communication collisions


Teams came together and planned for quarterly increments. These plans were presented in front of the entire company and kept in a public place. Teams showcased work in regular increments to leadership for any visionary guidance.


  • Complete transparency

  • Clear direction for development teams

  • Feedback loops that didn't exist before

  • Opportunities for course corrections and changes

Wall of ideas

Organizing Dev Teams into Domains

Director of Project Mgmt - Mailchimp


Teams wanted more autonomy to solve business problems and act as independently as possible - including staffing their own squads.


Break the development organization up into business domains and allow those larger teams to self organize into multiple squads to create value for our customers. This required a framework to allow for autonomy but at the same time keep an eye on accountability and great communication.


  • An organized division of work by business need

  • Domain leaders responsible for their domains

  • Autonomy that the teams asked for

  • An official framework for software development

Rugby Team

Release Management Enhancements

Project Management Consultant - Mailchimp


Release management for teams working on the same or dependent code that have the freedom to release at will can create undesirable collisions. 


A framework of light but intentional communication was put in place. Release plans were revamped for simplicity, a spreadsheet of releases was made available to help with coordination of date choices and a release slack channel just for this purpose with a repeatable pattern for use and sign off sealed the deal!


  • Almost absent of collisions when the framework is followed

  • Opportunities for great questions - which should be released first and why?

  • Communication availability for anyone who wanted it - anyone could observe and be informed

  • Engineers didn't feel like they were alone anymore

Communication Tower
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