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Bronda Wetteroth

Synchronizing Success &

 Driving Projects to Excellence

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​An accomplished information technology professional with 20+ years of experience leading software development teams and building frameworks that allow for team autonomy and organizational scaling. Proven ability to lead teams with positive energy and collective accountability that generates healthy dynamics and successful product results.


Build Frameworks

Optimizing company and team processes, continuous improvement and solving for problem sets can best be completed when there is an objective eye looking at solutions from unique perspectives. Connecting various disciplines and their coordinated needs is complex work. Starting with an iterative and experimental approach is key.

Find the Healthy in Teams

Healthy teams have room to enjoy their work and work relationships. Their work might be complex and have plenty of unknowns but that shouldn’t stop them from enjoying their day to day.

Sometimes teams don’t have the perfect balance of skill sets or practices and need someone who can either provide the missing ingredient or at the very least show what is missing and work to determine how that need can be filled. Identifying the need or just filling it allows team members to focus on their area of expertise and not get distracted or discouraged.

Mentor and Coach

Those new to project or program management might have some “book knowledge” but lack the years of wisdom to know how to handle complicated communication needs, tangled dependency management areas or how to build frameworks to allow their teams to operate in standard patterns that provide predictability. Helping guide others on how to break down problems and solve them is so incredibly rewarding.

Together we can do hard things

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